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  • How to build a Web Service

    Create a Web Service on IBM i When the platform was referred to as system i, i/Series, I somehow found myself creating Web Services that processed orders into a Green Screen ERP system any way but back then using Microsoft BizTalk as the middleware. If you have done something like that, this will be very […]

  • JBA System/21 Programmer – Style Manufacturing on Infor System21

    JBA System21 Developer I am an IBM i Software Developer specialising on the Infor System21 ERP system. System 21 is an Enterprise Resource Planning solution. It was originally released by the firm JBA [1], then went to Geac Computer Corporation with Geac’s acquisition of JBA. In 2007 Geac was acquired by Golden Gate Capital for […]

  • Using SQL on AS400, iSeries and IBM i systems

    Structured Query Language

    Some places are still avoiding SQL If you’re one of these, you need to start looking seriously at SQL. SQL is playing a bigger role in both the definition and manipulation of the database. It is now very common to see embedded SQL. Have a look at the Run SQL Scripts feature of the Database […]

  • DB2 for AS/400 is dead – long live DB2 for IBM i

    IBM DB2

    DB2/400 and DB2 UDB for iSeries are essentially the same thing. iSeries(AS/400) was able to adopt the IBM DB2 UDB branding when it delivered a lot of new database functionality in V4R4 of OS/400, so the database was renamed fromDB2/400 to DB2 UDB for iSeries in that release. Get up to date with triggers and […]