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  • Looking for work in the RPG community?

    What Customers look for

    I see many jobs listed with similar requirements for RPG, something like: To be considered for this position, applicants need to meet the qualifications listed in this posting. Requirements: 5+ years of development on IBM i (iSeries, AS/400) using all of the following: RPG-ILE, RPG-Free, SQL and CL 3+ years’ experience with SQL and the […]

  • iSeries Navigator (Operations Navigator)

    iSeries Navigator

    iSeries Navigator Previously (Ops Navigator) Do not be put off by the word “Operations.” iSeries Navigator is the GUI interface for the OS. Many of the new system functions are only being implemented in Navigator, i.e. there are no corresponding green screen commands. Your main interest will be in the File Systems and Databases options, […]

  • Databases function in iSeries Navigator


    Do not expect any useful future mods to DDS It will never be enhanced for database or display files. The Databases function in iSeries Navigator is the new GUI interface for maintaining your database and a fairly nifty way to ease yourself into the Data Definition Language of SQL. This is where you learn about […]