Modernizing old AS400 applications

ERP systems generally need a certain degree of customization to meet your specific business needs. Modernizing this software can seem like a challenge!

The core functions such as MRP are perfectly adequate and are probably best left alone. On IBM i many ERP systems originate from early AS400 and iSeries machines and the software designed and built in the 1980’s is ready for Modernizing. It’s been running for years, quietly and efficiently. Over this time the hardware and operating system have been regularly updated to our current IBM Power Systems and IBM i operating system but the old legacy ERP software has not. The saying “if its not broke, dont fix it” applies to many AS400 shops around the world. But what happens when your business wants to expose your old application to the internet, to retrieve data from another cloud based system or to send reports as PDF, XLS or simple modern emails?

modernizing as400 software

This is where I can help you – taking old AS400 and iSeries applications — modernizing RPG code, upgrading reports and display files, converting reports to email, talking to webservices and adding graphical web 2.0 screens is my specialty.

My most recent projects have included:

  • Presentation layer is out of date and new employees find it difficult to work with.
  • Output produced is preferable as pdf, csv etc.
  • Inquiries/Reports require more flexible, generic selection criteria.
  • Process flow lacks standardization.
  • Allow These Applications to Send/Receive orders etc via Web Services.