iSeries Navigator (Operations Navigator)

iSeries Navigator

System I Navigator
iSeries Navigator Previously (Ops Navigator)

Do not be put off by the word “Operations.” iSeries Navigator is the GUI interface for the OS. Many of the new system functions are only being implemented in Navigator, i.e. there are no corresponding green screen commands.

Your main interest will be in the File Systems and Databases options, but feel free to explore Basic Operations or any of the other options that light your candle.

This is where you would define a schema for DB2 Adapters for third party Web Connections such as Microsoft BizTalk, that Adapter defines both Program parameters and Tables/Files to expose them to Web Services.

Operations Manager

One neat trick is you can start subsystems remotely from this so if your IBMi/iSeries starts up but you can’t get access because your display is not in QINTER subsystem (which does not start for what ever reason) and you don’t have a specific Workstation definition attached to another subsystem via ADDWSE, you can just start QINTER and wait a few seconds for a signon.