How to build a Web Service

Create a Web Service on IBM i

When the platform was referred to as system i, i/Series, I somehow found myself creating Web Services that processed orders into a Green Screen ERP system any way but back then using Microsoft BizTalk as the middleware. If you have done something like that, this will be very familiar.

The following series of short video clips should give anyone with decent RPG IV experience a fair understanding of creating a Web Service using the technical tools you would expect to find in a typical Business running IBM i

  1. RDI – IBM Rational Developer for i, built on the Eclipse framework you will be very unhappy if forced to use SEU after you play with this.
  2. ACS – IBM i Access Client Solutions, this is the modern Client Access, if you need green screen this is where the 5250 emulator lives. It is also where you access Navigator for i which leads you to Internet Configurations/IBM Web Administrator for i.
  3. SoapUI – This is an excellent tool, invaluable for tracking down issues if your service is misbehaving and (for this exercise) pretending to send a Request from an end Website.
  4. IBM i V7+ – Web Services have been around for awhile on this platform, prior to this was a technique that started at i5/OS but it required the WDSC (Websphere Development Studio Client) which is no longer supported.

Not everyone has convenient access to one of these machines, SoapUI is free but RDI and ACS are licensed IBM products but you can access an IBM i through something referred to as PDP, a Developer/Proof of Concept initiative provided by IBM. Nick Litten is a very knowledgeable Colleague of mine who has provided an excellent step by step guide

This is a brief overview: