I’m Toby Schofield, from a little town called Nunhead in South East London. I have always been around IBM systems as my Dad was already working as a Contract RPG programmer for as far back as I can remember. Did a few jobs in IT including JBA then left and came to Chicago in ’94 contracting at JBA…where I was offered a job by JBA again. I started my own Company in ’99 and for the most part have continued to modify System/21.

I have a few broken bones from my misspent youth and have always been interested in Martial Arts which doesn’t actually mean I’m any good at it.

Big fan of Lizards, had a couple of Savannah Monitors, Iguanas, even little ones like Agamas.

Blogs and Videos of being silly as I find them (and check they are not too dodgy) so check in once in awhile.


Toby SchofieldProfessional Resume: Toby Schofield

IBM i Software Developer (RPG AS400 iSERIES) – Open for new opportunities toby.schofield@3psc.net


“…is an expert RPG Programmer with an incredible knowledge of System/21 ERP”

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I have many years of experience with IBM based Customers, both independently and with a Major software house. Solving issues for applications running on IBM i [iSeries/AS400] alone or as part of a team. Passionate about continuous improvement and modernizing legacy to allow functionally rich but technically mature systems to integrate with modern technology.


IBM i Software Developer, Third Party Software Catalyst Inc

1999 –  Present (17 years)

Owner/Freelance Software Developer, Third Party Software Catalyst Incorporated

  • Majority of experience in Manufacturing (Including Style), Distribution and Warehousing
  • Designed, developed and implemented 3PL between JBA (SYS/21 3.5.2 SP4) and Infor Aurora
  • Distribute required Inventory from Stockroom to Shop Floor via Web Service (BizTalk)
  • Determine Inventory requirements in JBA Manufacturing by exploding BOM’s of Configured Vehicles
  • Request Supplier Ship Components ASAP using Purchase Orders via Web Service (BizTalk)
  • On Line Registration, as Vehicles are booked in JBA the details become available and can be Registered by Serial Number or VIN to AS/400
  • Send/Receive details for On Line Parts and Accessories B2C Web service (Precis) to Ship and bill through JBA
  • Automate assembly line by sending JBA shop orders to Visiprise MES Application
  • Receive/Send (DMZ – MSE) Dealer orders for replacement parts
  • Modify Generic Warehousing Application to be driven by Customer, weight, Pick Location
  • SYS/21 Inventory and Purchase Order interface to PKMS
  • Designed Software development tools Enablement Wizard and Corporate Components

Technical Pre-Sales Developer, JBA International Inc. / Geac Enterprise Solutions

February 1995 –  July 1999 (4 years 6 months)

Designed and coded additional functionality for existing Customers and created solutions for prospects.

Provided demonstrations on technical and application software to prospects to provide clarification for End Users and In House IT Departments.

Responsible for the technical aspects of ERP software presales to identify and resolve functionality required that was too specific for generic product and provide solutions on a proof-of-concept basis per prospect.

Technical Consultant at   JBA International Inc.

January 1994 –  February 1995 (1 year 2 months)

Covered all aspects of installing, training, documenting and troubleshooting software.

Resolved issues of a business-critical nature and traveled to business locations as required.

Designed and coded custom modifications.

Systems Analyst, SEC Consulting

July 1993 –  January 1994 (7 months)

Troubleshoot and sizing of hardware and configurations on System/3X and AS/400 platforms.

Enhance/bug fix various packages in IBM mid-range environment.

Senior Programmer, JBA (UK)

July 1990 –  July 1993 (3 years 1 month)

Installed and modified software on and off site for custom development projects.

Specialize in improving the performance of applications to handle the additional throughput requirements of accounts that sized above 400 DASD capabilities at that time.

Programmer, Toshiba Information Systems (UK) Ltd.

July 1988 –  July 1990 (2 years 1 month)

Initially joined for a complete rewrite of their internal systems.

Responsible for the prototype of the AS/400 (B10) implementation to synchronize data flow to System/38 during conversion between electronic components and consumer products divisions.

Designed and implemented View-data system for remote PC access to System/38 for home repair techs.

Programmer/Technical Assistant, CMA Ettworth Group

September 1986 –  July 1988 (1 year 11 months)

Designed and implemented telex, fax and barcode solutions on System/3X.

Volunteer Experience

Activities Organizer, Crispin House, Adult training center for Mentally Handicapped


3PL Scheduled Integration

April 2012 to January 2013

Storing the components required for Finished Goods assembly was a storage headache so 3PL was introduced. Vehicles on all assembly lines expected to be built on the next working day where initially scheduled based on a series of pre-determined factors (Previously scheduled, Delivery Tolerance, machine set up, Capacity etc.). Each Line had a specific Scheduler who could then fine tune the schedule. The Schedule could be sampled at any time by a process which netted off component quantities as it ran and exploded each configured BOM to determine how much of each component was on hand locally and how much would need to be supplied to the plant to avoid a hard stop. Stock was available at the 3PL remote storage facility so Local component shortfalls triggered Custom DRP orders that were sent to the remote facility via web service to ensure adequate deliveries throughout the build day.  As shipments were delivered they were scanned and the DRP orders were closed out. If a component caused a negative Inventory balance despite both locations a Custom PO would be created for the Supplier and the schedule could be manipulated again to remove or replace the Finished Good(s) with the intention of reintroducing them based on Lead time if necessary.

Registration on Line


As Finished Goods Vehicles were Booked (System/21) a Custom database recorded details (Dates, Work Order, Serial, VIN, Model etc.) which became available to a Web site (ASP.NET) once the Vehicle was shipped. A Web Service retrieved these details from IBMi via BizTalk using Serial Number or VIN. This allowed the End User to confirm details such as Warranty Start/End Date or Model Year to help them track the correct Parts and Accessories. In turn, registering the Vehicle provided details such as End User Name,

Address internally that had previously been very difficult for the Manufacturer to obtain as a wholesaler.

B2C Website

June 2009 to February 2010

A Customer wanted to move their Parts and Accessory ordering to a web based solution. The initial responsibility was to select a technically adequate vendor then request from their web service any unprocessed shopping carts. These were returned to IBMi via BizTalk and converted into System/21 Sales Orders. As the orders were public, shopping carts were only released after credit cards were approved and a single cash customer defined in JBA was used to process these orders. The actual customer who placed the

Shopping Cart appeared on all shipping documentation.

MPS Short Term


Each Vehicle on each assembly line has a series of components also used on other Vehicles, to determine Vehicle build capacity within a week, each suggested Vehicle’s BOM was exploded to determine stock levels, labor time and lead time (where necessary), some selected options may require a sizable machine set up overhead for an otherwise generic Vehicle. The Results allowed re scheduling of Vehicles that may cause a Hard Stop on the Assembly line if attempted.



A more automated assembly line was introduced with ‘smart tools’ and overhead instructions for the builders.  The instructions were stored on Custom tables within the ERP system and only the relevant instructions pertaining to the Vehicle’s configuration were displayed. Line balancing can be a very costly process as machine set up time is potentially different for each configured Vehicle so the sequence of Vehicles was prearranged in a scheduling process that was then sent to Visiprise application via BizTalk.

Dealer Website


Vehicle Schematics in manual form had been available to dealers, it was decided these would go on line via CAD so Dealers could request replacement parts; this information is not available to the general public so each dealer had a log in, the shopping carts would be converted to JBA System/21 Sales Orders for the specific dealer as they had a line of credit. The dealer’s profile/password was stored and encrypted on IBMi as these orders had to come through a firewall.

Same Day Shipping

The generic warehousing application could pick/pack what it determined to be ready but this gave very little control over what was shipped. Each Item was given a weight and each Item/Location was given a rating (easy to difficult) and the customer was also recognized. This allowed an interactive process to determine how long pick/pack would take given the number of warehouse staff or the number of staff needed to pick/pack in a given time frame. As weight is recorded heavy orders could be held and processed later as Motor Freight. The process produced pick labels that gave the warehouse staff the most efficient route and pack labels suggested pack stations to group by customer, weight, shipping method and other relevant details to the shipment.

Richter look and Feel

System/21 Manufacturing was a good solution for supply/demand but the operation sequence was not descriptive for shop floor documentation. As a previous Richter install I manipulated the route/BOM structure to have ‘cut sequences’ entered against operations so inquiries/documents could be viewed and printed in either format without interfering with the core MRP process.

Tracking Web Site


Customers of a trucking company wanted the ability to track their shipments at several points during a day.  This was achieved by developing a web site using java servlets that uploaded details from an Access db and displayed the transactions to Customers through a secure login.



System/21 Inventory and Purchasing interface to PKMS as an alternative to the standard warehousing application.

Enablement Wizard


Designed and coded a utility that walks a developer through the steps required to make an RPG program communicate with JBA @ctive Modeler’s workflow engine. This utility was used to improve the speed of this procedure and the consistency of the work.

Corporate Components


Developed a utility allowing programmers to write modifications while retaining the integrity of the standard package. Implemented modular programming techniques, assisted with reusable code while leveraging existing RPG coding skills. Skeleton code is automatically generated and the process runs out side of legacy code to minimize upgrade effort.



Designed and coded an attribute based order entry, distribution and manufacturing tracking system that works within the framework of System/21 applications. This allowed the users to keep track of and request specific characteristics of inventory as it flowed through the enterprise.

CAD Interface


Designed and coded a Client/Server based utility (VB) that allows a user to download the components of an AutoCAD design into a System/21 route structure. The data is initially stored on the i/Series (via FTP), where it can be viewed and manipulated before adding/replacing an actual BOM.

Warehousing Application


Members: Toby Schofield, Nick Litten

System/21 application required more capacity than available with early AS/400’s for large enterprise. Re engineered the programs to run more efficiently. Eliminated inefficient data queues, LDA etc. from the application.

Skills & Expertise

  • Project Management
  • Program Management
  • Business Intelligence
  • Web Development
  • SQL
  • Business Analysis
  • Customer Service
  • Java
  • Microsoft Office
  • HTML
  • Integration
  • XML
  • Software Documentation
  • Web Services
  • E-commerce
  • Databases
  • Security
  • Windows
  • Team Leadership
  • New Business Development
  • Testing
  • Start-ups
  • Troubleshooting
  • Networking
  • Access
  • Agile Methodologies
  • Software Project Management
  • Software Development
  • Web Design
  • System Administration


Haberdasher Askes Hatcham College

Toby Schofield

IBM i Software Developer (RPG AS400 iSERIES) – Open for new opportunities toby.schofield@3psc.net

2 people have recommended Toby

“Toby is an expert RPG programmer with an incredible knowledge of the System/21 ERP. He is detail oriented person with an impressive knowledge of the IBM i operating system and programming languages. He works well under pressure, quickly overcomes any challenges and still meets deadlines. He strives for nothing but the best in any project given and doesn’t know the word CAN’T. Toby is a great addition to any team with a *get-it-done* attitude.”

Nick Litten, worked directly with Toby at JBA International Inc.

“Toby is a knowledgeable applications developer for IBM i. He codes with both speed and accuracy using embedded SQL in RPG Free Format for DB2 i. He is able to take minimal direction when given a business requirement and quickly produce an easily maintainable, highly functioning software solution.”

— Jeremy Moore, worked directly with Toby at Third Party Software Catalyst Inc

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